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About us

Hauschild Engineering is a family-owned company from the SME sector with over 60 years of tradition. Hauschild is the manufacturer of the SpeedMixer, an economical instrument for the rapid mixing and grinding of small to large amounts of different materials.
The SpeedMixerTM works exclusively through the use of centrifugal force. This allows the homogeneous and bubble-free mixing of various materials within a very short time and with minimum effort. The mixing can be done in disposable cups as well as re-usable cups. No additional mixing tool is required.

Mixing range varies from 1g up to 10kg with our different DAC machine series , some of them with vacuum function. Applications ranges from various industries, such as silicone manufacturer and formulation /paints, enamels and safety printing inks / pigments, iron oxides / LED research & development / Adhesive processing industries and manufacturers / Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals / Medical equipment / Epoxy resins / Urethanes and more.

Products and services

The employment of mixing technology has been integrated into almost all branches of industry, such as in the pharmaceutical, biotech, electrical engineering, adhesive and composite technology, and paint and ink production sectors. It can be used in quality control but also in large-scale manufacturing plants or even robotic systems.

The materials to be mixed can be of a different nature: extending from very viscous or scarcely viscous to pastes and powder, where this results in detail in different task definitions and challenges for the actual mixing technology. The great advantage oft he Hauschild SpeedMixer is its reliable, reproductive, accurate mixing results that can be reached in a very short time.

The SpeedMixer DAC series work only with the use of centrifugal force, resulting in a the homogeneous and bubble-free mixing good.

During the show bring your own material for testing and we will support you in finding the right mixing solution.

SpeedMixer DAC 150

SpeedMixer DAC 150

Mixing machine for quantities ranging 5 - 100g, can easily be set up on tables. Frequently used in quality control and laboratories.

Features include
• Vision panel
• Variable speed setting
• Two fixed settings
• Tachometer

SpeedMixer DAC 400 VAC-P

SpeedMixer DAC 400 VAC-P

Mixing machine with vacuum function.
Mixing capacity from 100 - 300g
Can be ordered with its stand (on wheels) for easy allocation throughout the production / testing facilities.

Features include
• Touch screen
• Vision panel
• Variable speed
• Selectable fixed speed
• 20 programme storage spaces
• Key lock (QS)
• Vibration sensor,
• Connection for external vacuum pump
• Digital vacuum control
• RS-232 interface

SpeedMixer DAC 5000 / DAC 10000

SpeedMixer DAC 5000 / DAC 10000

Large scale mixing machine for industrial application. Can be customized and also included in robotic lines.
Mixing capacity 3500 - 10000g.

Features include:
• 7,5" color touch screen
• key lock (QS)
• fixed and variable speed modes
• 20 programs
• unbalance sensor
• stainless steel lid
• RS-232 interface


Hauschild & Co. KG
Waterkamp 1
59075 Hamm

Phone: +49 2381 48205-0
Fax: +49 2381 48205-17

Speedmixer Flackteck China
Room 304 , No .51Shujian RD, Minhang District
P.R. China

Phone: +86 21 64197530

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